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“We Resurface Pool Decks In Phoenix, AZ…”

Need to resurface pool deck?  We gotcha:

resurface pool deck home

The Peyton Manning of pool decking.  Artists of architecture.  Scientists of surface.  We’ve been called worse.

Hi, welcome to Resurface Pool Deck – a little blog we created to showcase some of our work.

We specialize in pool deck remodeling, serving Phoenix, AZ and the greater metropolitan area.  We do this for homeowners, hotels and everything in between.

So if your pool deck is starting to look like:

  • The I-10
  • It lost a fight with an earthquake
  • The sun goes to sleep on it
  • Cacti been clawing at it
  • Haboobs been hugging it
  • Dinosaurs been dancing on it

… or something similar?

We’re the Phoenix pool deck resurfacing company to call.

(The only one who calls our competitors is Trying Too Hard – and he just wants his title back.  Just sayin’.)

In all seriousness:

Thousands before you have made that call and hired us to transform their pool and patio decking.  See pictures.

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, we are to pool deck refinishing as Shane Co. is to diamonds.  Minus the old guy on the radio telling you we’re friends 193 times a day.  (Wink.)

Our veteran crew of pool deck professionals can turn “wear and tear” to “whoa dere” in as little as 48 hours.

We’re perfectionists though.

We don’t cut corners.  We don’t settle for good enough.

Every pool redecking project we do has to look flawless and be functional.  It’s that second part that a lot of amateurs mess up.

They cheap-out on material.  (Oh, hi there, peeling.)

They design without factoring in proper drainage.  (Oh, hey there, water damage.)

When they hear the word “joints” they think God’s giggle smoke, not strategically-placed separations in the concrete below the cool deck surface.  (Hope you like cracks.)

Just be careful.  That’s all I’m saying.

There’s a lot that goes into resurfacing your pool deck.

Some of these guys – the ones with Walmart pricing – are short on experience.

They don’t know, for example, that some surfaces should *never* be used with saltwater pools.  Or what steps to take to avoid bug problems, erosion, delaminating and discoloring down the road.

But hey, they don’t know what they don’t know.

This isn’t about trying to make them look bad or tooting our own horn – it’s about educating and empowering YOU.

I don’t wanna see your hard-earned money wasted on a new pool deck that only lasts one summer.  Or worse, ends up costing you thousands later on because you went with an incompetent Phoenix pool deck contractor.

That won’t happen with us.

“We do pool decks that look better and last longer.”

Period.  With us, there’s no oopsies or oversights.  That’s what 12+ years and thousands of pool deck remodels gets ya: credibility.

But we don’t stop there.

Here’s why we’re the #1 pool deck resurface company in Phoenix, Arizona

We only use workers that have a minimum of five years experience resurfacing pool decks.  (And yes, someone on site will speak English.)

Plus, back in 2008, we hired a chemist to formulate a stronger, more durable, more dynamic alternative to Kool Deck.  (Who drops a quarter-million dollars on research and development to take a good product and make it great?  We do.)

So our confidence doesn’t come from nowhere.

We believe we’ve got the best people, the best product and the best process of anyone in Phoenix, AZ who says, “We resurface pool deck.”

Call us today to ask questions or schedule a time for us to come out and do a free estimate.  Seven days a week.  Day or night.  Leave a message if we don’t answer and we’ll get right back to ya.

And don’t worry:

Unlike *ahem* some contractors, you can take our quote to the bank.  The price won’t mysteriously rise seven hours into the remodel.

Getting started is quick and easy, too.  We can bring colors, samples and pics right to you; or you can swing by our showroom, if that helps with the decision-making process.  Whatever’s clever, Trevor.

We’ll work hard to earn your business…

And we’ll even sprinkle on a three-year warranty and maintenance program that’ll have you sleeping like a baby should you buy from us.

What about the construction process?  How bad is it, right?

Honestly, of everything I’ve covered so far, this might surprise you the most:

It’s not bad at all.

That’s because we’ve gone above and beyond (starting to see a trend here?) to make it that way.

I mean, grinding, sanding, removing old deck, painting, mixing, pouring, spraying, sealing, pounding – sounds like a recipe for a dusty, dirty, messy war zone, huh?

… Where your swimming pool, your landscaping, your patio, windows and house all take a beating.  Can’t you just see it?

Well, usually, that would be the case.  But not with us.

See, we get it.  Nobody likes construction.  Not you.  Not your neighbors.  Not even us.

So we’ve channeled our inner neat freak to make repairs, repainting and resurfacing pool decks as quick, quiet and CLEAN as possible.

Here’s how:

  • We mask your house
  • We cover your patio windows
  • We cover and protect your plants
  • We use our own power source, not your outlets
  • We bubble wrap your entire swimming pool
  • We vacuum, bag and haul away the old decking and debris
  • We train our crew to be careful, clutter-free and compassionate

This means: your power won’t go out unexpectedly (been there, done that, got the t-shirt); your pool water won’t be “smoothie consistency” when we’re done; and you won’t be left with a full day of cleanup before you can enjoy your backyard again.

In fact, it’ll be the opposite.

The minute we unveil your refinished pool deck, you can crack a cold one, throw some burgers on the grill and tell the kids to grab their floaties ’cause everything’ll be perfect and ready to use.

Pinky promise.

Phoenix, Arizona pool deck repairing, resurfacing FAQs

1) Do you only do residential work?

No.  We do both residential and commercial.  Customers include homeowners, hotels, water parks, splash pads, apartment complexes, condos, rec centers – anyone with a swimming pool deck that’s seen better days is welcome to call.

2) Is resurfacing all you offer?

No.  We do pool deck painting and repainting; new construction and remodels; remove old deck or add new deck; consult for DIY resurfacing; design for pool builders and landscapers; do maintenance; fix or install regular or decorative drains; add concrete overlays and decorative borders; pressure wash; patch.  You name it, we can claim it.

3) What cities do you serve?

Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Glendale and everything nearby for residential projects.  But we’ve gone – and will consider going – anywhere in Arizona, even outside of Arizona, for larger commercial projects.

4) How much does Phoenix pool deck resurfacing cost?

It’ll depend on a few factors, but mainly, square footage.  If you want a quick ballpark figure, snap some pics with your smartphone, call us, and we’ll give you an email to send ’em to.  That way, maybe we can give you a rough estimate same day.  But we’ll still need to come out, speak with you and walk through the repairs or refinishing work you want done for an exact quote.

5) What makes you the best pool deck contractors in Phoenix, AZ?

Did you have your eyes closed for the last 1,200 words?  Here’s the recap: no mess, no stress; we’re faster, friendlier and MUCH more experienced; our cool deck is stronger and lasts longer; our process is cleaner, quieter and less annoying; and our warranty, our A+ rating with the BBB and our blemish-free record with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors proves it.

6) How soon can I get a bid?

There’s only one way to find out:

resurface pool deck faqs