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Phoenix Arizona Cool Deck (Kool Deck) Contractors

Need cool deck (also called kool deck) repairs, repainting or resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ?  Call us:

kool decking arizona

Whether you need to install new cool deck, remove old cool deck or resurface with cool deck, you’re in the right place.

Known as Phoenix, Arizona’s best pool deck resurfacing contractors, we’ve done hundreds of kool decking projects throughout the Valley.

Important: kool decks are actually not saltwater friendly.

Since salt is corrosive, it eats away at the kool deck little by little.  For more on the matter, here’s a good article.  Anyways, it’s no bueno.  So if you have a pool that uses saltwater to make chlorine, cool deck is NOT what you want.

Our acrylic lace finish – which looks just like cool deck – IS.

It’s the perfect solution for for both non-saltwater and saltwater pools.

Not only that, we dropped SERIOUS coin back in 2008 to have a chemist formulate our own premium product.

It makes the Home Depot stuff look like child’s play.  (Sorry.  Not sorry.)

I’m talking to you, cool deck DIY diehard, who landed here after Googling “cool deck repair kit.”  Saving a few bucks today could cost you a lot more tomorrow.  You’ve been warned.

Our professional grade acrylic lace surface is much stronger, more durable, more dynamic and more versatile than traditional cool deck.

Here’s what that means to you:

It’s less likely to erode, delaminate, chip, peel, crack, fade or stain.  Plus, you can do more with the look and texture of it.  And it’s easier to clean and care for.  Basically:

“Our acrylic cool decking will look newer longer.”

How you like dem apples?  I mean, that’s huge.  Right?

‘Cause resurfacing, repairing or installing new kool deck is no small investment.  So the quality of the product is ev-a-ree-thing.

And it just so happens: we’ve got the Cadillac of cool decks.

8 reasons you’ll love our acrylic lace cool deck surface

1) You won’t fry your feet.  Cool decking is, well, cooler.  With that said, anyone who tells you you’ll be walking around barefoot on kool deck at 3 pm late-July?  Is lying.

2) You won’t fall on your fanny.  The texture of our acrylic kool deck makes it about as skid-free as you’re gonna get.

3) It goes with anything.  Whaddya rocking out back?  A beige house, mint green pebble tec pool, artificial turf and Weber grill standing on neatly-laid pavers?  Or a dark brown house, light blue plaster swimming pool, and desert landscaping with lots of rocks?  Doesn’t matter.  Our acrylic lace cool decks have dozens of color and texture combinations, letting you pick the perfect style for your Phoenix, Arizona oasis.

4) It’s tough as heck.  We’re talking Chuck-Norris-tough.  ‘Memba the chemist story?  Yeah, so, a quarter million dollars later, we’ve got the most durable cool deck product out there.  Ours stays perfect longer.  You could say we (roundhouse) kick our competitors’ butts when it comes to quality.

5) Maintenance is a breeze.  Sweep it off, hose it down – if you wanna get real crazy, you can pressure wash it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  And with our optional maintenance plan, you’d never even have to lift a finger.

6) It’s the best bang for your buck.  Dollar for dollar, there’s no better pool deck surface than our acrylic lace cool deck.  We believe in this decking so much, it’s not uncommon to talk customers out of other surfaces that cost 3-4 times as much.

7) We’ve perfected the process.  With well over a decade of experience doing cool deck repairs, rebuilds, repainting and new construction, we’ve learned a few things.  Today, we’re faster, quieter, CLEANER and more cautious than the other guys.  This means: no mess, no stress and a kool deck that lasts as good as it looks.

8) You can buy with peace of mind.  Our three year cool deck warranty should make you feel warm n’ fuzzy about your investment.  (Don’t fall for misleading warranties that screw you over with fine print, asterisks and exceptions.  Our Phoenix pool deck company has your back; others just have your wallet.  Can I get an amen?)

There you have it: eight no-nonsense reasons our kool deck will pop your pool’s collar.

So what now?

Click here for a cool deck cost estimate.